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90s: Back to Los Angeles


My first big gig in 1972 with RnB singing group The Whispers became the gateway to all kinds of recordings, concerts with Solar Records, the Soul Train TV Show, etc.

70s: The Golden Age of Funk

It hardly seems believable that I would find things that I had never been able to find here:  an internship in a very active record company, recording and arranging several times a week---but there it was!

Central America and Latin artists in the late 70's

1990: Publishing and Producing

When I got back to the US, I became the Paul Revere of the 80s: "The Latins are coming!  The Latins Are Coming!", the implication being that if they wanted to be a part of it,  invest now. They soon had invested in my company "Sunny Mountain Productions" and we used it to bring El Salvador's #1 singer to the US.  

80s and Back to the US


From writing, orchestrating and performing Jazz Poetry, I do it all here in Los Angeles.

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